Zulu-lulu™ is a contemporary South African ceramic studio producing the collectable 'Dlamini' family of figurines.

A member of the prestigious Midlands Meander Association, their retail outlet ZULU LULU ART HOUSE is conveniently located at the vibrant and popular Piggly Wiggly Country Village in Lions River, KwaZulu Natal.

Zulu-lulu™ Art House comprises; The Ceramic boutique filled with quality ceramics hand-picked from the best South African makers; The Art Bar, where you can get creative ceramic paintings; and The Art House Gallery showcasing paintings, ceramics, sculptures, glass and prints from professional South African artists.

Whats new...

The Zulu-lulu blog has arrived  click here: https://zulululu.wordpress.com/

Pensioners get 10% off ceramic painting in our Art Bar Click here to see other offerings from the Art Bar

Coming Soon: Art Retreats and Studio Workshops there.
Some exciting new developments in the pipeline as Zulu-lulu teams up with a B&B in the area to offer peaceful, countryside Art retreats and studio workshops. Watch this space for more info coming soon!

Trayci Tompkins Ceramics

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Ceramic Boutique

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Collectable Range

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Art House Gallery 

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The Art Bar

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